Thank you for your interest in El Hyat Jewellery. Here you can find photos and copy that will help you share our story.

We can assist stylists, photographers and fashion editors to choose from our huge range of vintage and antique jewellery on our online shop. Our team and their experience are able to offer advice and supply ideas and inspiration for any project.

As one of the longest standing independent jewellers on the Burlington Arcade and in London’s West End our collection is unique and unrivalled in the area. A striking brooch or a necklace can be the perfect addition to any photoshoot and our friendly in-house team can help you with any loan you may have regarding a specific project.

If you decide to borrow jewellery from Susannah Lovis for a shoot or a creative project we can either accompany jewellery to location or make other arrangements for delivery and collection, depending on the location of the shoot.

Rights and Credits – The whole reason you’re doing this is so that you can get some visibility. But sometimes, they can forget to indicate where they got the items from. This agreement will discuss how crediting should be done on the published shoot. You also need to ensure that you get the rights to use the pictures or footage for your online and social media promotion. If you forget this step, they aren’t obligated to give them to you.


For more information or for press enquiries, please contact us by email at [email protected] or check our FAQ page for help. You can find more information on El Hyat by checking out our ABOUT US page.